Toy Catalogue

The Tea Tree Gully Toy Library catalogue includes over 2000 toys. Our toys are selected to cover key developmental stages and a wide range of interests. Examples of the kinds of toys you will find include:

  • Imaginative play toys, including doll houses, puppets, animal sets, occupational and domestic play, and a large range of very popular dress-ups.
  • Active play toys such as activity rockers, hoppers, scooters and balance bikes to develop gross motor skills.
  • Construction toys offering the chance to explore and discover using blocks, magnets, threading and much more.
  • Board games including family favourites as well as excellent games designed for pre-schoolers.
  • Musical instruments to promote creativity, self-expression and sensory development.
  • Puzzles in both wood and card ranging from toddler puzzles of 3 pieces to more complex pictures with over 60 pieces. Our large wooden floor puzzles are particularly popular with the pre-schoolers.
  • Literacy kits designed to be used during quiet one on one time between parent and child (suitable for children over 3 years of age.
  • Early science kits designed to encourage an enquiring mind (parent participation required).

We are temporarily closed for air conditioning replacement in the Tea Tree Gully Library. This is expected to take several weeks.